The Karlskirche

The Karlskirche is dedicated to St. Borromeus and is built in a Baroque style.

In 1713, Vienna was stricken by the plague for the seventh time. And many residents of the city died from this epidemic.

In his time of need, Emperor Charles VI vowed to have a church built in honor of St. Borromeus. When the plague was over after 3 years in 1716, he commissioned Fischer von Erlach to build the church. The Karlskirche is a Baroque masterpiece of sacred architecture.

  • Die Karlskirche in Wien
  • Die Karlskirche bei Nacht

Today, you can take the elevator to just below the dome and view the beautiful murals up-close. The fresco in the dome depicts St. Borromeus, who prays for God’s help in ending the plague.

If you look at the pictures whilst at the same height as them, all the figures look somewhat “well nourished”. It’s fascinating, however, that when you go back down and look up at the pictures, all the figures become a normal size.

Always a rewarding place to visit!

  • Die Karlskirche
  • Die Fresken in der Karlskirche

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