The Belvedere palace

The Belvedere palace is just a little outside the center of Vienna

Belvedere palace was built between 1714 and 1716 in a baroque style by Lukas von Hildebrand at the commission of Prince Eugene.

When Vienna was besieged by the Turks in 1683, Prince Eugene of Savoy offered his services to Emperor Leopold and successfully fought against the Turks, which ultimately made him a wealthy and powerful man. And to reflect this, he commissioned the building of Belvedere palace.

He began with the Lower Belvedere, where he also lived, and where today you can marvel at exhibits by famous artists from the 17th and 18th centuries.

  • Das Untere Belvedere - wurde zuerst erbaut
  • Ein traumhafter Ausblick vom Schloss Belvedere

The Upper Belvedere, the summer residence of the prince, was built as a representative palace and used for festive occasions. Today, it houses a gallery of 19th and 20th century artworks.

For Austria, the Belvedere palace occupies a very important place in history. In the large marble hall, the Austrian Treaty of Independence was signed by the four occupying powers on May 15, 1955, and Austria thus regained its freedom and neutrality.

If you begin your visit at the Lower Belvedere, you can marvel at the very beautifully designed gardens as well as the Upper Belvedere in all its splendor.

  • Das Obere Belvedere - wurde später erbaut
  • Belvedere mit dem traumhaften Springbrunnen

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