History of Hotel Rosner

Gablitz in the Vienna Woods has always been a popular destination for relaxation and recreation-seekers. Guests would come here from Vienna and spend the entire summer.

Nowadays, many Viennese have their own splendid houses here and live in Gablitz year-round.

Original text from the brochure of the Gablitz Beautification Association from 1902!

  • Gablitz im Wienerwald um das Jahr 1900
  • Die schöne Aussicht in Gablitz im Wienerwald - heute

The climate: the somewhat harsh, clear, dust-free, pure, ozone-rich mountain air and the pleasantly cool evenings in the hot summer months characterize this area. The mild spring and the mostly warm autumns make a stay in Gablitz particularly appealing.

As a summer health escape: for people dealing with respiratory ailments or anemia, the healthful air of Gablitz makes the area ideal for lengthier stays.

  • Die wunderbar ruhige Aussicht vom Wienerwald
  • Die wunderbar ruhige Aussicht vom Wienerwald

The magnificent deciduous and coniferous forests surrounding Gablitz offer a large selection of shady, leisurely walks with plenty of spots to rest, as well as the opportunity to go on shorter and lengthier excursions to beautiful lookout points.

In 1902, there were just 159 summer apartments available for rent at 55 houses in Gablitz. Our house was also amongst these, renting out three apartments for the then price of 160 to 400 crowns. Today, it is ca. 436 € to 1090 €. 1L of milk cost 32 heller at that time. 1 crown = 100 heller.

The owners changed several times over the course of the years, and we acquired the property in 1956. The house didn't survive the bad times, the war, etc. unscathed, and so we began to renovate it.

  • Hotel Rosner von der Gartenseite
  • Die einladende Rezeption im Hotel Rosner

True to the area's tradition as a summer health retreat, we welcomed the first guests to our house in 1962. After over 10 years of constantly increasing the numbers of guests, we added the new hotel in 1973.

Today, our guests come from all countries in the world to visit the beautiful city of Vienna and to stay in Gablitz amid the Vienna Woods!

Hotel Rosner
A-3003 Gablitz
Linzerstraße 95
Tel.: +43 2231 633 30

Mobil: +43 699 1307 11 80

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